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The Voters’ Guide to Tax Policy

    The 2016 Presidential candidates’ tax policies and

their impact on you

The book that explains the 2016 Presidential candidates’ tax policies in plain English and what each means to the typical taxpayer. Be an informed voter! (More details on the book are below)

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Book Description:

In this time of sound bites and political spin, I’m offering a non-political look at the Presidential candidates’ tax policies. In doing so, I’m asking what each policy means for you.

As an Enrolled Agent (a federally licensed tax professional), this is an area where I can help voters better understand the candidates’ positions. It would be wonderful if experts in other areas did the same for the other policies. I believe that informed voters are the best.

I start with an overview of today’s tax code as a basis for understanding the candidates’ positions. Then The Voters’ Guide to Tax Policy goes into its main mission: to provide an explanation of each candidate’s tax policy and who benefits from the proposal. I’m not discussing whether a benefit or harm is the right thing – that is up to each voter to decide.

At the end, I provide examples of various typical taxpayers’ tax liability under each candidate’s policy.

Readers’ Comments:

“you did a great job of summarizing and introducing tax issues and proposed policies that are relevant to me and you made me more curious and want to dig deeper into many of these issues”

“Very informative and easy to digest.  The way you use examples was really helpful and the summary scenarios at the end were very clarifying.  I really enjoyed the background you gave at the beginning.  You have a great talent for being able to sort through the weeds and explain things logically and simply.”

“Even though she is a tax professional, her explanations are couched eloquently for the non-legal layperson”

Divorce and Taxes:

15 Things You Should Check Before You Sign the Divorce Decree

By Beth Logan, EA

Don’t lose even more money because you don’t understand the tax implications of actions during the divorce process? For those considering a divorce, this book will help you navigate tax and other financial issues. It is an easy to understand book. It ends with a checklist to help you verify that you have covered the issues before finalizing your divorce. There are steps you should take along the way, so don’t wait until the last minute to read it. It covers topics including what records to keep (or make copies before you leave the house), how to file your taxes when separated, how to allocate the children for the best tax advantage, which assets are the most valuable to you after taxes, and more.

Available as a paperback on Amazon or at:

Available for Kindle at